Hey Hawks! Meet Sami, one of our Miracle Kids! At 22, Sami has cancer for the fourth time with Ewing's Sarcoma (a bone cancer). Find out how you can help support Sami and other Miracle Kids by signing up for SJU's first ever Dance Marathon. FTK! 



At the tender age of three, Mary was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. While vacationing with her family at the Jersey Shore, Mary began to feel sick and complain of severe head pain. When her family took her to their pediatrician, they were advised to go to CHOP for an MRI. As soon as the test was complete, Mary’s family was told she had a tumor in the cerebellum of her brain.

After a surgery to remove the tumor, Mary started a nine-month journey of chemotherapy and stem-cell transplants. After this treatment period, Mary received a safer form of radiation called proton therapy. Although her last proton therapy treatment was in April of 2013, Mary continues to receive follow up care at CHOP. Her condition will require consistent monitoring for years to come; however, this does not stop her from from slipping on her signature pink tutu and pursuing her love of dance.